Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hollywood Premiere League 2014

This season, we've something other than Indian Premiere League to rejoice about and that is Hollywood Premiere League. And here are the details of this movielicious series.

Come April and everybody seemed to have one common interest and that is 'Indian Premiere League'... and by May, the tempo seemed to have hit a new height. You would agree as the only thing that people seem to be talking about these days is whether Delhi Daredevils had scored the win or Royal Challengers had managed to get into the finals. But the things some of us don't really care about Kevin Pieterson or Virat Kohli, all we care about are Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. And hence this IPL thing has turned out to be quite a bummer for the people who are interested in something other than cricket... perhaps movies. Think about them!
If you are one of the movie buffs who are pissed because of the fact that everybody is going gaga over cricket, cheer up buddy as HBO India is here for you. HBO India has been up with its 'Hollywood Premiere League'. It's now a three year old series and it has gained quite a momentum over the years.
So this IPL, do not forget to indulge in HPL aka Hollywood Premiere League. Even if you love both cricket and Bollywood, no sweat! The line-ups are such that you don't really need to miss the game to enjoy the movie. 'After 9pm' movies after 20-over cricket series... Just the thing you want! Isn't it? So, people, after watching your favorite team play, do watch your favorite actor in action.
Another amazing thing that's like an added charm to this 'Hollywood Premiere League' saga is 'Style your cheer-girl' app. Oh yes! It is what you think it is. Here you get to choose and style your cheer girl yourself. Sounds super fun, eh? So, say 'hurray' and go to HBO India Facebook page to get started. Also just by styling your cheer-girl, you can actually win an HBO goody. That's what we call fun on fun. So, do give it a shot.
Other than this, they have come up with this seven day long contest series wherein you need to answer the contest questions based on the HPL special (after 9pm) movies. To make it simple, they have given many hints about the movie like the director or the main lead or anything... all you need to do is hit the missing spot. The contest is fun, simple and you can win HBO goodies too. Great, eh?
This tri-pack fun thing is something no movie buff should miss. The amazing movies will make your, today and every day. So, keep your popcorns and coke ready every night for the movielicious series of Hollywood Premiere League. Have fun with your favorite Hollywood stars!

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