Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here Are New Comedy Movies 2014

Have you ever seen a movie when you just can’t keep a straight face because of laughing so much? Or how about a comedy that’s full of puns you can’t keep yourself from Googling the lines to the script? Well these and so much more are in store for you when you check out this year’s new comedy movies 2014.

So how do you rate the best comedy movie? Is it the number of people that you see in the theatres or is it the loud laughter and cheer you hear every time the actor says something funny? Many agree that it is the number of funny scenes that you can recall in the movie that matters.
And so let’s see how many outrageously funny scenes and hilariously twisting plots you can recall with new funny movies 2014 like Bad Words, Draft Day, Neighbors, A Haunted House 2 and 22 Jump Street. These movies will make you laugh your heart out loud, make your eyes water with tears of joy and will also get you talking about these movies over and over again. So get set to welcome these best comedy movies of 2014!
• Bad Words- A spelling bee is just a contest, or is it? This is what a spelling bee loser thought as he exact the most amazing revenge of all and that is to attempt to win the contest as an adult! This is a movie that will teach moviegoers the meaning of the end justifying the means or maybe it’s the other way around! Directed and starred by Jason Bateman alongside Kathryn Hann and Allisson Janney. This maybe one of the best comedy films 2014.
• Draft Day - Draft Day is all about the struggles of the general manager of the Cleveland Browns as he faces possibly the toughest decision of his career: to pick the number one draft pick for his team’s next season. This film is a comeback movie for Kevin Costner as Sonny Waver Jr. He also stars with Jennifer Gardner and Chadwick Boseman.
• A Haunted House 2 - Parody king Marlon Wayans is at it again with A Haunted House 2 playing Malcolm a man who just recently moved in to a dream house with his girlfriend and her 2 kids. Malcolm has already exorcised the ghost of his ex-girlfriend but it seems her ghost just won’t move on! See what happens when he and his family finds that this dream house is in fact a haunted house with amazing paranormal activity that will drive the family nuts!
• Neighbors - What happens when you live next door to a fraternity house? This is what a couple found out when they moved in to a home next to the fraternity brothers. Late night partying, girls, booze and terrible noise were the reasons that started the feud between Kelly and Mac and the frat brothers Pete and Teddy. All hell breaks loose every day as the two “families” wage war with each other to claim who should leave and who should stay.
• 22 Jump Street- The boys of 21 Jump Street are at it again and since they successfully solved the case of the high school drug cartel, their next mission is to infiltrate college. Schmidt and Jenko are now college boys and they find themselves cracking more than a case at the local college but also cracking the score of what their relationship really is. Will they ever have a mature relationship together or will they just fall apart in the end? Find out in 22 Jump Street.

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