Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Celeb Gossip - Why We Love to Hate Miley Cyrus

Let is go back to 2010. Taylor Swift still has her trademark curly hair, Ariana Grande hasn’t even begun her to-be successful music career, and Miley Cyrus is still known as pop star Hannah Montana. Oh Miley … how much you’ve changed since then. It seems every week you make it into the celeb gossip headlines for another one of your antics. You’ve given us so many reasons why we love to simply hate what you’ve become:

1.The Music Videos: When the We Can not Stop music video premiered in June 2013, the entire world couldn’t really believe what they were seeing. The teddy bears, the twerking, the constant appearance of Miley is tongue … It was all a bit too much for most viewers, who couldn’t quite get where Miley was going with this video. And then came the Wrecking Ball video - yes, that is the one where Miley actually licks the sledgehammer. Some interpretation of that video was posted around about how the wrecking ball, the nudity and the sledgehammer represented pain and “being broken in a relationship. Let’s be honest, we all know this isn’t true.
2.That Tongue: Seems as though Miley did not get the memo - your tongue is meant to stay inside your mouth. This doesn’t stop her from keeping it as her signature pose. Every red carpet event, every performance, every video, she just has to sneak in a few seconds of side tongue. So much, in fact, that the users of Reddit have discovered that Miley in the past has licked off the makeup around her mouth during red carpet events.
3.VMAs: If you have not seen the controversial VMA performance which made gossip headlines all around the world, you must be living under a rock. It wasn’t even a specific part of the performance which was terrible, just the entire thing. The entire disaster was turned into articles, videos, gifs and memes. The three most relevant moments from the performance were of course, the foam finger (personally I can not get over the fact that that foam finger went from being down there straight up into Miley is mouth), the audience reactions (seems as though they were all just as shocked as we were), and of course, the twerking. Oh, the twerking. It was bad enough that she did it in the face of the crowd (no one wants to see that, Miley. Seriously.) But then onto the crotch of Robin Thicke? It was a certainly a moment that won’t be forgotten easily. That’s quite upsetting, actually, because I would prefer to not have that in my mind.
I could go on forever. Smoking a joint on the EMA stage (so you were in Amsterdam, big deal), attacking Sinead O’Connor on Twitter … but why do not we just stop there before this article becomes a thesus. No matter how much we complain, whine, and go what the?! at Miley is antics, she is still going to make it into the celeb gossip headlines just as much. I just have one thing to say: Miley, I know you can not stop but you really, really should. Especially with that tongue.

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